Vanessa, one of the lead dancer of Safire. She is also the exclusive dancer at the legendary Juliana Restaurant, where she is been performing for 11 years. Vanessa is the producer for the Mysteriosa variety show at Alhambra Palace Restaurant, where she also performs every weekend. 

Vanessa has an elegant, charming yet cleverly coquettish style  and is known as the Queen of Shimmy, and has continuously wowed audiences for over 20 years.

She has studied extensively with the legendary Soraia Zayed of Egypt and Lulu Sabonge of Brazil. She has also studied belly dance with Ana Borisova from Russia, Shahrzad from Egypt/USA, Azad Khan from Turkey, Cincia Purificato from Italy, Alida Lin from Taiwan, Saida Helou from Argentina, Angelica Scannura from Canada, Darya Mitskivetch from Ukraine, and the legendary Fifi Abdo from Egypt. 

Vanessa has performed in stages in Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, and in several states in the US.


 With 22 years of training and performances, Vanessa provides a real authentic Egyptian-style belly dance experience.  She performs over 350 shows per year and is one of the most booked belly dancers in Chicago.

Vanessa produces the Mysteriosa Variety show at Alhambra Palace. The show runs every Saturday from 8:30 - 9:30 PM.
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Vanessa from Safire has been Juliana Restaurant's House Dancer for 11 years. You can catch her shows every Saturday 11PM and 1AM. 

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