Our Teachers

We traveled to Germany to train with the most famous belly dancer in the world, Fifi Abdo. What an honor!

In Germany, Miami and Argentina, we traveled to train with "La Reina" of belly dance in Latin America. Saida Helou is currently one of the most famous belly dancers in the world.

Safire sponsored Azad Kaan of Turkey to train with us in Chicago and we also traveled to Malaysia and Ukraine to further our studies with this Master of Classical belly dance. 

Also in Kiev and in Texas, Safire studied with Egyptian star, Aziza of Cairo. She is currently one of the foremost belly dancers in Egypt. 

The legendary NesrineTopkapi from Turkey, taught Safire in Istanbul. The first belly dancer to appear on TV in Turkey, Nesrine also performed from the Char in Iran and her influential elegant style is still emulated currently.   

Daria Mitskivetch taught Safire in Kiev. She is responsible for the Ukranian style of belly dance being exported all over the world.

Randa Kamel is one of the most famous belly dance teachers in the world. Safire traveled to different States to learned from this teacher, whose emphasis on Egyptian style  belly dance has heavily impacted Safire's style.  Largely due to Randa, Safire tries to emulate the tradition of the Egyptian style in its performances. 

Mona Said is a legendary belly dancer from Egypt. She was a belly dancer as well as a movie and TV star in Egypt. Safire was thrilled to learn from this her.

Safire sponsored Cinzia of Italy to teach 5 days of intense Saidi. This expert in the dance learned from the Egyptian legend Mahmoud Reda, and is passing down his traditions of this beautiful folkloric dance to generations all over the world. 

Anna Borisova from Russia traveled to Chicago at the behest of Safire. A winner of the Egyptian Festival Ahlan Wa Sahlan, she was the first main belly dance star brought to Chicago by Safire. 

Sahar Samara is one of the best Saidi dancers in the world. Safire traveled Canada to study with this Egyptian, who is originally from the region where Saidi was created. 

Lulu Sabongi from Brazil was Safire's primary teacher. Lulu is known in the entire South American continent and is the owner of the Shangrila house, where Safire started studying belly dance at 12 years of age!

Soraia Zaied of Brazil is another primary teacher of Safire. Soraia is an established dancer in Egypt and regularly travels to different countries for workshops and shows. We are lucky to have learned our shimmy from her!

Alida from Taiwan came to Chicago at the invitation of Safire. This award winning belly dancer is well respected in Egypt for her art.

David Abraham of Argentina is currently one of the most popular contemporary belly dancers in the world. Safire trained with him in Argentina in 2018 and will be back to further our studies with him in 2019.

Shahrzad is one of the most famous belly dancers in the world with over 1 million views on her YouTube videos. Safire was thrilled to sponsor this Master of tabla. 

Kazafy from Egypt is a student of Mahmoud Reda whose Saidi is world renowned.Safire has traveled to different States to learn from this Saidi master.  

Paula, a prodigy of Saida Helou, was sponsored by Safire. She trained us in classical oriental dance in the Argentinean style.

Yana from Ukraine is well known from her Iraqi Kawleeah dance. Safire traveled to Germany and was lucky enough to perform on the same stage as this talented artist. 

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